Supporting Immigrant Rights

Virginia has grown and continues to grow stronger from its rich diversity. Currently, immigrants make up 1 in 9 Virginians, providing essential contributions to our economy, and serving as vital strands in the fabric of Virginia society. As Governor I …Continue Reading

Gun Violence Prevention

As Governor, I will advance common-sense gun safety reforms that protect Virginians, prioritizing keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists, intimate partner abusers and stalkers, and individuals suffering from severe mental illness, and restricting access to weapons and …Continue Reading

Civil Rights and Racial Justice

Every generation is charged with advancing the cause of civil rights in order to reach the day when Americans are truly equal, both under the law and in lived reality. In Virginia – the former capital of the Confederacy and …Continue Reading

13 Ways I Will Fight For Virginia’s Environment

Climate change is an existential threat to Virginia. Without dramatic action, huge portions of our coastline will vanish under rising sea levels that threaten our agricultural, fishing, and tourism industries. This isn’t theoretical — Virginians are already feeling the economic and ecological …Continue Reading

Standing with Virginia Women

12 Ways I Will Stand with Virginia Women as Governor With the onset of the Trump Administration, Virginia women now face a dual threat from Republicans in Washington and our General Assembly in Richmond. As our next Governor, I will veto …Continue Reading

Fighting for Virginia’s Working Families

Our Plan for Working Families Hard-working Virginians deserve a raise, deserve more time with their families, and deserve the best start for their children. Families do best when we prioritize growth from the ground up and the middle out — replacing the failed …Continue Reading

Growing the Economy for all Virginians

In Virginia, we are blessed with extensive natural resources, fertile farmland, a strong manufacturing base, a hard-working and highly-skilled population, a first-class education system, and an economy that has shown areas of resiliency since the recession. But too many Virginians …Continue Reading

Getting to Work on Infrastructure

Our economic success and quality of life depend on our roads, rails, rural broadband, and electric grid. Unfortunately, Virginia’s aging transportation systems are struggling to meet the demands of our growing population. The Virginia Section of the American Society of …Continue Reading

Drug Policy and Ending the Opioid Epidemic

Addiction to opioids and prescription painkillers is an epidemic that is ravaging our Commonwealth. More Virginians now die from opioid overdoses than car accidents and, according to Virginia’s State Health Commissioner, emergency visits for heroin overdoses in the first nine …Continue Reading

Standing up for Women’s Rights and Equality

Thanks to tireless advocacy from the women’s movement, Virginia has made real progress in recent decades towards rolling back centuries of entrenched discrimination women face every day. From ensuring that women earn equal pay for equal work, to providing more …Continue Reading